Can I use Large Format Porcelain Tiles on my Walls?

Large format porcelain tiles have become increasingly popular in modern interior design, known for their sleek aesthetics, durability and versatile applications. While they are commonly used on floors, a common question arises: Can large format porcelain tiles be used on walls? Let’s explore this query, considering prominent tile brands such as our own Spacer Tiles, Ca’ Pietra, Minoli, Geotiles, and Porcelanite Dos.


1. Spacer Own Tiles:

Our own range of large format porcelain tiles are not only aesthetically pleasing but also versatile. Many of our collections, such as out 1800 Crema are suitable for both floors and walls. With its subtle design, warm tones and large format  it really opens up your space, regardless of small or large the space is.

2. Ca’ Pietra:

Ca’ Pietra is renowned for its premium tile collections and when it comes to large format porcelain tiles, they offer options suitable for wall applications. The key consideration is to check the specific product details and recommendations provided by Ca’ Pietra. Some collections, like the Rialto Real Terrazzo Foscari Honed, may offer stunning wall solutions with their rich colours and intricate designs.

3. Minoli:

Minoli’s commitment to quality and innovation extends to their large format porcelain tiles. Cosmopolitan Amazzonite, for instance, is not only ideal for floors but can also make a bold statement when used on walls. The sleek and contemporary designs of Minoli tiles allow for a seamless transition between floor and wall applications.

4. Geotiles:

Geotiles is known for its diverse tile offerings, and many of their large format porcelain tiles are suitable for both floors and walls. The Amazona Blue collection, for example, with its deep and vibrant colour, can be used to create a stunning feature wall. Checking the product specifications and recommendations from Geotiles ensures that the chosen tiles meet the requirements for wall installation.

5. Porcelanite Dos:

Porcelanite Dos is recognised for its commitment to quality and innovation in tile design. The Rapolano 1867 collection, with its warm tones and large format, is a versatile option suitable for walls. As with other brands, it’s crucial to review the technical specifications and guidelines provided by Porcelanite Dos to ensure proper installation.


Considerations for Wall Applications:

  • Weight: Large format porcelain tiles can be heavier than traditional wall tiles. Ensure that your wall structure can support the weight of the chosen tiles.
  • Thickness: Thinner tiles are generally preferred for wall applications, making them easier to handle during installation. However, some collections may offer thicker options suitable for both floors and walls.
  • Adhesive and Installation: Use the appropriate adhesive recommended for large format tiles when installing them on walls. Professional installation ensures the tiles are securely affixed.
  • Design Impact: Large format tiles can visually expand a space and create a modern, seamless look. Consider the overall design impact and how the chosen tiles contribute to the aesthetic of the room.

In conclusion, yes, large format porcelain tiles can be used on walls, offering a contemporary and visually striking design solution. Our Spacers Own Tiles, as well as brands we work with such as, Ca’ Pietra, Minoli, Geotiles, and Porcelanite Dos provide a variety of collections suitable for both floors and walls. Always refer to the specific product guidelines and recommendations to ensure a successful and visually appealing installation.


What’s Next?

Have a browse of our own Spacers large format porcelain tile section on our website and look through what some of the brands we work with such as Ca’ Pietra, Minoli, Geotiles and Porcelanite Dos have to offer. Then I advise visiting one of our showrooms to see a vast selection of large format porcelain tiles in person. As you step into one of our showrooms, you’ll be greeted with a world of possibilities. Our knowledgeable staff is there to provide insights and guidance. It’s the perfect opportunity to explore the diverse range of colours and designs, ensuring you make an informed decision that will elevate your space.

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