V4 Wood Flooring London

V4 Wood Flooring is a family run business based in the South of England. Providing quality hardwood flooring for over three generations.

From the traditional and timeless elegance of the solid collection to the technologically advanced engineered floors, the emphasis is always on providing beautiful and durable flooring solutions to meet modern requirements…

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For a Competitive Quote or Any Advice on V4 Wood Flooring Simply Call
our London Showroom on 01895 621651 or Maidenhead 01628 624546

V4 Wood Flooring London

V4 Wood Flooring is a family run business based in the South of England. Providing quality hardwood flooring for over three generations.

From the traditional and timeless elegance of the solid collection to the technologically advanced engineered floors, the emphasis is always on providing beautiful and durable flooring solutions to meet modern requirements…

Founded in 2002, family run V4 Wood Flooring is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of high quality and responsibly sourced hard wood flooring, however their real roots in wood flooring actually go back some nine decades.

Brothers Nathan and Chris Vincent outside V4

The decision by brothers Nathan and Chris Vincent to set up a wood flooring company was more than just a business one. It was an ambition to carry on an inherited passion and knowledge of high quality hardwood flooring born from three generations of Vincent family at the forefront of wood flooring in the UK.

The story dates back to the 1930’s, when the

brother’s grandfather, James Vincent, worked as a floor fitter in Barking, Essex. In 1932 he was introduced to very characterful businessman Ted Humberstone. He was running a successful flooring company supplying parquet and wood block floors all over the UK to clients that included friends Sir Gordon Richards (Jockey) and Freddie Mills (Boxing Champion).

Ted recognized James’ skill and passion for the industry and offered him a job in Woking, Surrey. For seven years Chris and Nathan’s grandfather travelled by train from Barking to Woking each day leaving at 5am and returning late in the evening. Together they grew the operation from a one man, one van and one sanding machine business to an eight man, four van and five sanding machine leading wood floor company.

Riding on their success they split the business 50:50 in the late 1940’s and went their separate ways, with James eventually moving to Surrey permanently to open his own wood floor business from a shop located in Addlestone in 1950.

Chris and Nathan’s grandmother was critical to the success of the business. From the family home in Surrey she would receive the orders of wood block and work until she had hand produced all the linking panels needed for installation the following day, a work ethic derived from years soldering batteries on the Daggenham production line.

Always looking for improved quality and production finishes the Vincent’s introduced their own adhesive system to make installation quicker and cleaner for a premium finish to their wood block floors. By the age of 16 Chris and Nathan’s father Ray had joined the family business. Initially a fitter he blossomed as he picked up knowledge and market expertise direct from his father. By 1961 he had established his own business, with a waiting list of builders wanting to be supplied flooring from a trusted and expert source. Ray created a successful business, which was the very first to showcase floor products in a warehouse style retail unit.

Growing up around their fathers business Chris and Nathan were permanent fixtures in his shop after leaving school and fast became experts at selling and installing hardwood floors. Encouraged by the entrepreneurial nature of both their father and grandfather, and frustrated by the lack of quality hardwood suppliers in the UK, together they decided to take the leap from retail and establish their own hardwood flooring brand, V4 Woodflooring.

Concentrating initially on a few quality hardwood ranges imported from Europe they quickly established a small base of expert retailers who understood how to sell and install their high quality floors. A model that is still in place today as V4 has become the country’s leading supplier to retail of quality and responsibly sourced hardwood flooring, now with a unique collection of 50 hardwood floors to their name.

So when you buy V4 Wood Flooring, you are not only assured of receiving the highest quality products, but from a family whose expertise in wood flooring spans some nine decades and makes them one of the best wood floor companies in the UK today.

What are V4 London doing for the environment?

As a leading brand of hardwood flooring within the UK, V4 Woodflooring are committed to the environment and always looking for new ways to lessen the impact the flooring industry has on the environment.


It is a common misconception that hardwood flooring is a cause of deforestation. V4 hardwood is only sourced from well managed and sustainable purpose farmed forests. This means that only mature trees are selected for harvest. And for each one of these trees felled several more fast growing saplings are planted for the next generation.

Wood flooring is a choice for life

Unlike deforestation where the trees are burnt and the harmful carbon emissions let into the atmosphere, the trees harvested for wood flooring are processed and installed into homes therefore the carbon absorbed by the tree never escapes into the atmosphere. Once installed unlike many other products on the market there should not be any necessity to change or renew. Wood flooring can be kept clean easily, and well maintained it will last a life time. Instead of being replaced a worn floor can be eventually refinished and rejuvenated. Wood replaces carbon hungry alternatives like plastic, metal ceramics and concretes, which require a large amount of energy during production. The production of wood is highly energy efficient, giving wood products a lower carbon footprint.


V4 has also introduced new simplyfied packaging, cutting down on printing resources and using recycled un-bleached card which which in turn is easily recyclable

FSC® and PEFC® Certified

V4 is proud to be FSC® and PEFC® certified. All V4 Wood Flooring products are produced in FSC® certified factories and comply fully with the European Timber Regulations. Look out for the logos on certified products.

Further to this we are fully certified to import and stock FSC® and PEFC® wood so look out for the logos on certified products.

V4 London Wood Flooring Collections

At V4 we believe a floor should last a lifetime so all of our floors are guaranteed for 35 years. We prefer to concentrate on quality over quantity.

V4 London ALPINE

The Alpine Collection features a range of rustic oak and walnut engineered wood floor planks and our new Alpine Lock floors. Alpine wood floors are available in a range of sizes, surface finishes and colour tones to suit your preferred wood floor style.

V4 London Wood Flooring AURORA

Aurora is a collection of hand finished engineered oak floors which are available as a standard smooth planed board or with a choice of three different textures which include cross sawn, tumble distressed and scraped & sawn. Named after the constellations that light up the Northern skies the different colours are hand applied using various skilled techniques to produce uniquely beautiful floors which can be ordered in various sizes plank, herringbone and chevron patterns.

V4 London Wood Flooring AURORA FLAME

The extra thick European oak is first scorched with fire and then brushed to remove the charred grain, then further brushed and sanded to create a uniquely tactile surface upon which complex layers of colour are added using various hand applied techniques. The result is a collection of oil finished oak floors rich in texture and natural colour and unlike any other natural surface.


Decorative pattern panels were first popularised by the aristocratic houses across Europe in the 17th Century. The Versailles pattern from the court of Louis XIV being perhaps the most well known. The intricate patterns once laid piece by piece are reimagined and produced in these stunning large format engineered panels making installation simple so that this impressive style can be used in any interior space. This collection is available in eight designs each named after grand palaces and stately homes from the Baroque period. The rich variety of hardwoods and finishes are available in each design.

V4 London Wood Flooring CHEVRON

A modern take on the classic 17th Century French Herringbone. Precision engineered oak parquet strips with a choice of two different angled header joints finished with hardwax oil.

V4 London Wood Flooring CONCREATE

Concreate is both strong and lightweight so that Concreate Wall Panels can be bonded to any flat surface to create concrete wall, ceiling and furniture whilst the Concreate Floor Planks can be installed quickly on any flat and secure sub floor, including suspended and raised access systems.

V4 London Wood Flooring DECO

The Deco Collection comprises six ultra modern wood floor colours created from an oak top layer which is lightly brushed to release the natural grain. Wood lye is then applied to bleach and colour the floors to create the deep lustred and distinctive oak tones and grain variations found in the collection.

V4 London Wood Flooring DRIFTWOOD

Inspired by the natural treasures washed up along shorelines from often far away lands, the Driftwood collection features oak planks with uniquely weathered textures, that feel hewn from nature, worn by the driving sea and sand blasting winds under a sun scorched sky and yet these floors are made by skilled craftsmen using layers of finishing techniques each one taking days to complete and adding a rich story to the surface.

V4 London Wood Flooring EIGER

The Eiger Collection was born from the idea of creating engineered wood flooring that gives the same robust feel as solid wood floors. The planks are made from a thick wear layer of European Oak. Choose from classic oak styles to modern grey wood floors and lighter white tones.


Basilica creates a beautiful sense of age and character. Planks are then tumbled and distressed and the surface includes cracks and open knots which are sanded smooth and hand filled.

V4 London Wood Flooring ACCESSORIES

Browse our extensive range of wood floor accessories.  Complete your installation with our range of profile bars, beading, nosing, adhesives and underlay. And keep your floors looking like new with our Wood’s Good range of wood floor maintenance and cleaning products.

For a Competitive Quote or Any Advice on V4 Wood Flooring Simply Call

our V4 London Showroom on 01895 280096 or V4 Maidenhead Showroom 01628 624546

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