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Anyone who faces life head-on knows that not a day goes by without a hitch and that’s how it should be but what about your floor?
It needs to stand up to a pounding! Spills, dancing, jumping, sliding, you name it…

That’s where Parquetvinyl comes in…

It can handle lots of fun and a little drama.
For more than 15 years, Lamett have been a reliable partner in the realisation of dream floors within Europe and far beyond…

Lamett guarantee that their click vinyl flooring meets all of the quality requirements that you would expect for a life time flooring,
as you only buy a good floor once or twice in your life…

Exclusively at our Maidenhead Showroom

Our professional and friendly team are always available 6 days a weeks to help guide you through your project and bring ease to the buying process…


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Sublime Feel of Wood
The leading collections from Parquetvinyl have a synchro-nous wood structure (embossed in register (EIR)). This way, the structure matches the knots and the grain in the drawing of the wood.

The Easiest Click System on the Market
The floor is finished with a Tight Lock click system that provides for a fast and easy installation and seams guaranteed to be watertight.

  1. Matt PU top layer
  2. Transparent hard covering
  3. High resolution decor film
  4. Ultra-strong, rigid carrier (RCB technology)
  5. Integrated subfloor
Lamett Construction Plank Image

Integrated Underlay
All of the Parquetvinyl collections have a noise-reducing sub-floor integrated into the plank or tile. That only has advantages. For example, you can be sure that any small irregularities are neutralised, you can lay the floor far more quickly, the sound is muted and of course you don’t need to purchase an extra sub-floor.

Suitable for Underfloor Heating and Cooling
Did we already mention that Parquetvinyl can be combined with most underfloor heating and cooling systems? Naturally, there are some conditions, but it is certainly possible, with an excellent yield.


A bedroom is the place where you should get a proper night’s sleep and maybe that’s exactly what you’ll do. Even so, your first contact with the world every day, the moment when you lift your legs over the side of the bed, should be warm and pleasant. This way, you will always get out of bed on the right side!

Your bedroom might also be where you get dressed, perhaps it’s where you enjoy choosing the right outfit for any occasion or maybe you like to use your bedroom for a relaxing yoga session or an online Zumba class. One thing is for sure, having Parquetvinyl under your feet makes it even more pleasant!


Did your kids’ foam bath get a little out of hand? These things happen and that’s not a problem: Parquetvinyl really is waterproof. Even the joints won’t let a drop of water through. You can rely on that. Walking barefoot on Parquetvinyl is also very pleasant. Vinyl is not as cold and hard as ceramic or porcelain tiles. It’s just the thing if you need to time to wake up in the morning. Hygiene is essential in a bathroom. You need to give it a good cleaning now and then. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about this with Parquetvinyl.


In many homes, the kitchen is the hotspot where so much more happens than just cooking and dining. It is the place where life really happens. No wonder the floor needs a thorough mopping once in a while. With Parquetvinyl, you’ll be finished in no time at all. Things can go wrong in the kitchen. Someone knocks a cup over in the early morning rush or worse, a jar of tomato sauce smashes on the floor after a hard day’s work. That’s all you need! Although we cannot prevent the jar from falling, we can tell you that it will not dent your Parquetvinyl floor and the floor will not discolour either. So, take a deep breath, mop it up… and get a pizza delivered?

Living Room

Japanese minimalism, Scandinavian sleek, elegant rural, or rugged industrial. Whatever your style is, you want your floor to be a perfect part of the picture. A floor is important for setting the mood in a room. It will usually stay there for years. So be sure to make the right choice! In any case, Parquetvinyl offers a wide range of styles and colours. We totally agree with Charles Eames: “The details are not the details, they make the design.” ‘Details’ such as a texture that matches the pattern, a coloured join or v-groove all ensure that the floor has the right look and feel.

Easy Peasy Floor Care

Easy Peasy Floor Care is a ready-to-use, pH-neutral floor cleaner, compiled especially for cleaning Parquetvinyl.

It makes daily cleaning and removing all trace of minor dramas… easy peasy!


  • pH-neutral
  • tackles dirt
  • leaves no film behind
  • maintains the matt, original appearance of Parquetvinyl
  • can easily be added to the mopping water.
  • handy bottle of 1 litre
  • a fresh citrus scent
Lamett Easy Peasy Floor Care


Parquetvinyl is 100% water-resistant.

You can use all the water you like, because sometimes that makes cleaning a bit easier…

Perfect for your Kitchen, Bathroom, Living Room, Playroom any many more!


Sweep regularly to banish grit and give it a mopping now and again, that’s really all there is to it.


The structure of the plank means that stains won’t be able to penetrate inside the floor, They easily can be removed.

Has your 3-year old daughter painted or drawn onto your floor at the same time? No worries! Parquetvinyl will take care of it.


For a competitive quote or any advice,
simply email or call our Maidenhead showroom:


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