Why Buy Our Wood?


All our Engineered Oak is thoroughly tested, is EUTR compliant and SVLK certified.

The top layer is genuine Western European Oak. None of it is Chinese or Siberian so you are assured of its source and quality.

The ‘Core” (the important bit) is constructed of single species Plantation Hevea (Rubberwood). It doesn’t grow naturally in South East Asia so is farmed for this purpose. As the Hevea tree nears the end of its rubber producing life it is felled and immediately replaced with a younger sapling that not only uses up more harmful CO2 but also produces more rubber.

The Hevea used for the core of all our wood flooring has a density similar to Oak giving our floors unsurpassed stability in all different climates and environments. We are probably the only supplier in the UK offering the super wide 14mm x 290mm in an engineered board. Hevea will always outperform any plywood or softwood cored material found in so many cheaper alternative wood floors.

The back layer construction is also a locally grown plantation pine species, which again adds to the already excellent stability of our flooring.

Surface Colours and Textures

The vast majority of our wood flooring has undergone some degree of hand finishing ensuring a consistent high quality, high performance wood floor. This hand finishing gives each of our floors a ‘bespoke’ feel. Our ‘Antique’ finished floors all feature textures and surfaces produced entirely by hand rather than automation giving each one a unique feel in terms of grain and colour.

Surface Coating/Sealer

All of our Oak floors are treated with the specifically designed Extreme Matt Oil.

Using German technology from Klump Coatings in Stuttgart these oils, as long as the floor is kept clean during installation and undergoes some form of regular basic domestic cleaning, will require no further applications throughout the floors life.

Extreme Matt Oil (EMO) can be cleaned and refreshed using most of the products designed for conventionally oiled floors and can even be re oiled over completely under some circumstances. A small test area using the desired oil is recommended.

The Factory

Our Indonesian based factory boasts a range of over 2,500 products. It is currently producing Oak floors with widths up to 400mm using over 35 different species of wood. It is one of the Worlds largest manufacturers of wood flooring.

Our factory introduces around 50 to 70 new products or colours each year ensuring that it always leads the wood flooring market here in the UK rather than simply following it.

Please do not hesitate to contact any member of our staff should you require any further clarification on any aspect of the products we sell.

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20mm Outdoor Porcelain Tiles

20mm Outdoor Porcelain Tiles

Start enjoying life outside

Outdoor 20mm Porcelain tiles can create a seamless transition from inside your home to your outside space.

With bi fold doors and open plan living areas becoming increasingly popular 20mm thick porcelain tiles are uniquely designed to be ideal for patios, outdoor kitchen areas, terraces and just about anywhere you need a unique alternative to stone or concrete.

Our 20mm Porcelain can make your outdoor space the safest, most resistant and uniquely designed area of your home.

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