Galaxy Collection

The Galaxy Collection, inspired by the vastness of space, offers a stellar selection of porcelain and ceramic tiles that bring cosmic beauty into your home. With swirling patterns reminiscent of distant galaxies and celestial bodies, these tiles evoke a sense of wonder and exploration. Imagine walking on floors adorned with the ethereal hues of distant nebulae or adorning your walls with tiles that capture the shimmering allure of starlight.
Each tile in the Galaxy Collection is a testament to the awe-inspiring beauty of the universe, transforming your space into a cosmic sanctuary of style and sophistication.


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Inspiring your Space

Rock stone effect porcelain tiles that offer a rugged and natural look of stacked stones, perfect for creating a rustic and earthy ambiance in any space, while being more durable and easier to maintain than natural stone.
Idea for both contemporary and traditional interiors, you can use these porcelain and ceramic tiles to add texture and detail to a bathroom wall, floor or kitchen splashback.
Welcome to the world of creative design and colour…welcome to our universe…

Inspired by True Design

Unique marble effect porcelain tiles which can feature in any setting, that are available in large format ’60cm x 120cm sizes in both matt and polished finishes.
Classic and newer more colourful tones, which that reflect famous calacatta marbles and onyx designs.
Suitable for walls and floors, the effect this tile gives to a room is outstanding.

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20mm Outdoor Porcelain Tiles

20mm Outdoor Porcelain Tiles

Start enjoying life outside

Outdoor 20mm Porcelain tiles can create a seamless transition from inside your home to your outside space.

With bi fold doors and open plan living areas becoming increasingly popular 20mm thick porcelain tiles are uniquely designed to be ideal for patios, outdoor kitchen areas, terraces and just about anywhere you need a unique alternative to stone or concrete.

Our 20mm Porcelain can make your outdoor space the safest, most resistant and uniquely designed area of your home.

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